Tethered Table Top White Enclosure with Home Button Accessible
Tethered White Enclosure Table Top Home Button Accessible view 2Tethered White Enclosure Table Top Home Button Accessible view 3Black desk mount for tethered enclosure (white for white enclosure)
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Weight: 124 g
*Images shown may include optional anchor point and power cable

Enable your iPad2, iPad3 & iPad with Retina display to be used in public places whilst maintaining its appeal and good looks with this high gloss black secure enclosure from iPadsecure™ . The iPadsecure™ enclosure comes with the option of home button accessible or covered depending on your preference and application. Locking options include cable and coiled or straight.

Please note: due to high demand, we are running low on stock of the white Home Button Accessible enclosure and we recommend changing your selection to Home Button Covered as this is available in stock. Depending on the volume of your order will determine the lead-time for delivery.  Normally this will only be a few days, if this is acceptable please place your order as normal, if you need a confirmed delivery time before ordering please contact us on 01483 688320to discuss further.

Standard Contents at no extra charge:

iPadsecure™ Enclosure for iPad2 & iPad3 & iPad with Retina display
iPadsecure™ Enclosure for iPad2 & iPad3
iPadsecure™ High Security Tether
White Coiled Security Tether
iPadsecure™ Protective Sleeve for iPad
iPadsecure™ Protective Sleeve for iPad
iPadsecure™ iPad Secure Enclosure Table Top Prop
iPadsecure™ iPad secure Enclosure Table Top Prop

Additional options available are:

iPadsecure™ Anchor Plate
iPadsecure™ Anchor Plate
iPadsecure™ 1.8m Power Cable
Coiled 1.8m power cable

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