iPadsecure™ Tethered 3D Secure Stand black and anchor plate (optional)
Tethered 3D Secure Stand, anchor plate and extension cable (both optional)Tethered 3D Secure Stand rear view with anchor plate (optional)3D Secure Stand white rear view with black tether and anchor plate (optional)
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Weight: 60 g
*Images shown may include optional anchor point and power cable

iPad2, iPad3 & iPad with Retina display in portrait or landscape mode with the 360° continuous rotation screen mounting stand is simple, locking it to ensure its there when you return is even simpler! 

iPadsecure™  have put together the most stylish and secure rotating stand on the market.  The secure stand for the iPad comes in a choice of black or white and as mentioned offer full rotation to 360° and tilt up to 90°.  Easy 'snap in' - 'snap out' motion provides hassle free removal of your iPad and has protective "none scratch" locators keeping your iPad like new.  It has a built Wall Mount facility meaning you can view anywhere, any height.  The detachable "Claw” enables you to upgrade your stand for future iPads as they are released.  It has a non slip base for use on any surface. The coiled security cable runs through the middle of the stand ensuring when the iPad is removed it is still secure but can be held and played with. When the iPad is placed back into the stand the coiled cable neatly retracts.

Please note: due to high demand, we are running low on stock of the 3D stand.  Depending on the volume of your order will determine the lead-time for delivery.  Normally this will only be a few days, if this is acceptable please place your order as normal, if you need a confirmed delivery time before ordering please contact us on 01483 688320 to discuss further.

  • 90 degree tilting action
  • Continuous 360 degree rotational axis spin
  • Built in wall mount facility
  • Non slip base with anti-scratch feet
  • Upgradable Claw allowing for future releases of iPad
  • Non abrasive securing mechanism for unlimited insertions of the iPad
  • Viewable screen area of the iPad is not obstructed in anyway
  • Constructed of strong durable polycarbonate material

Standard Secure Stand Contents at no extra charge:

iPadsecure™ Secure Stand
iPadsecure™ Secure Stand
iPadsecure™ High Security Tether
White Coiled Security Tether
iPadsecure™ Security Tab
iPadsecure™ Security Tab

Additional options available are:

iPadsecure™ 1.8m Power Cable
Coiled 1.8m power cable
iPadsecure™ Anchor Plate
iPadsecure™ Anchor Plate

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