iPadsecure™ Anchor Plate
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Weight: 104 g

Securing your iPad2, iPad3, iPad with Retina display & iPad mini is simple; finding a secure, strong place to anchor it to may not be.  Introducing the iPadsecure™ anchor point.  Choose where you want the anchor point to go, decide on the bonding type and install.  The anchor point comes with a permanent installation option made up one way security screws and permanent bonding agent, as well as a semi-permanent bonding option made up of removable screws and highly adhesive bonding tape.

  • PVC coated steel anchor ring
  • Rubber coated Steel anchor base
  • 4 x one way security screws
  • 4 x philips screws
  • 2 x alcohol wipes
  • Wire wool pad for surface preparation
  • Super highly adhesive permanent bonding agent
  • High adhesive semi-permanent bonding tape