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Why iPad Security

Why use iPad Security products?

Solutions for securing iPads without affecting user experience

The iPad's superb user-friendly features make it a perfect tool to enhance customer experience as well as provide staff/business process efficiencies. It's application is huge and embracing its technology can provide valuable edge in any industry’s competitive landscape whether it be in retail, hospitality, travel, medical/health, events or other.

The problem is how to secure such a high value asset without adversely affecting the user experience?

iPadsecure™ offers a range of physical security solutions designed specifically to secure and protect iPad devices in retail or other industry environments.

iPadsecure™ provides off-the-shelf or bespoke to resolve the security issue of any particular application in an open environment.

Key Benefits of iPadsecure™

  • To lock down/secure the iPad without significantly reducing customer access or flexibility of use
  • To protect against iPad theft and provide a deterrent to thieves
  • To restrict potential re-introduction of a virus infected iPad into a business' iPad network